Myron Arakawa ’66

2016 Old School Awardee
By Erin Teruya ’93 Kinney

When the Class of ’66 celebrated its 50th reunion in June, it was the culmination of months of planning, committee meetings, marathon phone calls and activities.

Many classmates point to one man – Myron Arakawa ’66 – for being the “heart leader” of the class and for cementing each person’s connection to each other and to Punahou.

“I credit Myron for his role of nurturing and strengthening the bond of friendship we have as the Class of 1966 through his all-inclusive leadership, a role he assumed when no one else stepped up,” says Suzy Kometani ’66 LaFountaine.

It was Arakawa who carried the torch for the 45th reunion after co-chair Hattie Eldredge ’66 Phillips passed away unexpectedly. Arakawa also stepped up to deliver the eulogy for Phillips at her public memorial service.

At a 50th reunion meeting, LaFountaine recalls Arakawa made white ginger lei for each of the women on the committee. “The giving of lei is so much a part of the Punahou culture, the fragrance of the ginger brings back the fondest of memories, and the thoughtfulness is so characteristic of the Arakawas,” says LaFountaine. “That gesture represents the heart of Myron Arakawa – an outstanding ambassador of the core values of the School, a dedicated leader of those who share the common privilege of attending Punahou beyond the Class of 1966, someone who goes beyond what is expected and more importantly, a true friend.”
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