Leonora Espania

2017 Old School Awardee
The President’s Home is the venue for some of the School’s most intimate and important special events for faculty, alumni, parents and donors. Entrusted with making sure these events go off without a hitch is Leonora Espania, special events coordinator for the President’s Office.

Espania sets a high standard for events, making sure that food is presented beautifully, tables are dressed properly and service is smooth. She is the conductor, and under her guidance, the caterers, bartenders and service staff perform in perfect harmony with one another. At the same time, her discretion and warmth instill trust and confidence, and returning visitors look forward to her welcome.

Espania’s career at Punahou began in 1981. She served as the assistant to the food services director, custodial supervisor and manager of the President’s home before moving into her current role.

Covered in lei to her ears, Espania’s recognition at the Punahou Alumni Association Awards ceremony thrust her into an unfamiliar, but well-appreciated spotlight. “Tonight, I feel very treasured,” she told the large crowd gathered, “and I thank you all,” she said.
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