Scott Metcalf ’74

2017 Old School Awardee
Dependable. Selfless. Humble. Generous. These are just some of the words used to describe former Facilities Manager Scott Metcalf ’74, who passed away in July 2014, at age 58.

As the son of former dean, Tom Metcalf, the younger Metcalf grew up as a “campus brat.” He attended Punahou from kindergarten, graduated in 1974 and settled in Oregon briefly before Punahou beckoned him back.

In 1985, Metcalf moved home to Hawai‘i with his young family and returned to his beloved Punahou as a Class Reunion volunteer, soccer and volleyball coach, member of the O-Men and later president of Punahou Alumni Association.

Metcalf became a fixture on campus, stepping in to help with athletic events, facilities and wherever help was needed. He was eventually offered a full-time position in the Athletics Department. Clearly in his element, Metcalf worked closely with students, parents and coaches from Punahou and beyond. If there was a job to do, Metcalf was the first to volunteer to do it.
“One of the things that made me the most sad about losing my dad so early in life was that he wouldn’t get the recognition that he deserved for his contributions to the School,” said daughter Ashley as she received his Old School Award on behalf of her family. “I know many of you knew of his contributions, but this award means a lot to our family, and I know he’s watching over us today and appreciates it.”
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