“O” in Life

The “O” in Life Award honors an individual who exemplifies the ideals of service to Punahou and the community. Created in 1954, the “O” in Life Award is the Punahou Alumni Association’s most prestigious award.


  • Nominee must be an individual who exemplifies the ideals of service to Punahou and the community.
  • Nominee must be living.
  • Nominee should have attended Punahou for at least three years and preferably have graduated from Punahou at least 20 years ago.
  • Nominee should be identified with continuing service to Punahou and to Hawai‘i. The awardee’s service to Punahou will be given more weight.
  • Nominee may not be a current PAA officer or director.


Date AwardedAwardee
Henry “Kapono” Kaaihue ’67
Andrew R. Bunn ’86
Kitty Sullivan ’75 Wo
Thomas Kosasa ’63
2019Duncan MacNaughton ’62
2018Ethan D.B. Abbott ’72
2017Nainoa Thompson ’72
2016Richard H. Cox ’38
2015Dennis I. Hirota ’58
2014Mary Moragne ’54 Cooke
2013Hastings Judd Kauwela “Pal” Eldredge ’64
2012Warren K.K. Luke ’62
2011Robert Y. Akinaka ’59
2010Judith Sheehan ’57 Dawson
2009C. Frank Damon ’44
2008Hattie Eldredge ’66 Phillips
2007Marilyn Blaisdell ’48 Ane
2006Randy G. Moore ’57
2005Claire Olsen ’58 Johnson
2004Richard R. Kelley ’51
2003Ellwood “Woody” Fern ’62
2002J. Douglas Kilpatrick, III ’57
2001C. Scott May ’56
2000Meymo Lemon ’61 Rego
1999Francis “Miki" Bowers, Jr. ’45
1998Samuel P. King ’33
1997Mary Stacey ’47 Judd
1996Venus Gay 1925 Holt
1995David L. Fairbanks ’58
1994Julia Sia ’46 Ing
1993Mary Helen Gay ’45 Styan
1992Alexander S. Atherton ’30
1991David P. K. Eldredge III ’49
1990James C. Wo ’43
1989Daniel H. Case ’42
1988James H. Hutchinson ’49
1987Suyeki Okumura ’29
1986Dwight H. Lowrey ’33
1985Molly Webster ’34 Lyman
1984Henrietta Smith 1909 Mann
1983Margaret Greenwell ’35 Kidwell
1982J. Ward Russell ’33
1981Thurston Twigg-Smith ’38
1980Charles M. Cooke, III 1926
1979Lucinda Smith 1927 King
1978D. Hebden Porteus ’29
1977Dora Broadbent 1919 Pratt
1976Robert H. Rath ’32
1975Marjory Atherton 1924 Wightman
1974Lawrence T. Robinson 1924
1973Margaret Smith 1922 Young
1972William P. Hodgins ’31
1971Francis A.J. Bowers 1920
1970Ernest H. Hara ’28
1969Charles Gordon S. May 1923
1968Edwin “E.K.” Femandez 1900
1967William Patterson Alexander 1912
1966R. Alexander Anderson 1912
1965Dr. Paul Withington 1905
1964Ethel M. Damon 1901
1963Jane L. Winne 1903
1962C. Dudley Pratt 1918
1961Charlotte P. Dodge 1902
1960Clorinda Low 1913 Lucas
1959Alfred Castle 1902
1958George Paul Cooke 1895
1957Frederick Dwight Lowrey 1903
1956Laura Pratt 1921 Bowers
1955Walter F. Dillingham 1899
1954Aileen Gibb 1915 Forrest
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