Donations and Gifts

Friends of Punahou School are encouraged to make gifts-in-kind which will enhance the educational program and the preservation of our school's history. Punahou School and the Archives is sincerely appreciative of your thoughtful donation.


The following guidelines will apply to these types of gifts:

  • All gifts become the unconditional property of Punahou School;
  • Punahou School reserves the right to offer for resale any gift received and to utilize the proceeds of such resale for general school purposes;
  • Having accepted a gift, the Punahou School administration exercises full discretion concerning its location on campus, manner of display, storage, etc;
  • The appraisal of the value of a gift for purposes of tax deduction is the responsibility of the donor. Punahou School will not include a monetary value in the receipt given to a donor, unless certified by a recognized appraiser;
  • A written GIK Form will be received with the Gift-In-Kind item(s)

Examples of items received in the past include and are not limited to:

  • Publications (Yearbooks, Dance Cards, School Newspaper, Alumni Bulletin, etc.)
  • Scrapbooks
  • Manuscripts  
  • Images (Printed or digital)
  • Clothing (Holoku, Class T-shirts, Lettermen sweaters, Carnival-wear and material, Punahou-wear, etc.)
  • Small artifacts (Medals, pins, Gratitude Day pin, Prom favors, etc.)

Monetary Gifts

To explore unique funding opportunities that support the Punahou Archives collection through preservation and conservation, digitization and programming needs, please contact our Giving Team.
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