Mission of Punahou School Archive

Punahou Archives exists to preserve historic materials and to make them available for use. The Archives is responsible for the collection, preservation, and provision of appropriate access to the historical records and materials based on recorded memory and communications in a variety of formats and media, including paper, electronic, photographic, and audio-visual. This unique repository documents School actions and activities and supports the School’s curricular and strategic functions. The Archivist provides archival reference assistance and prepares information and background to assist patrons in utilizing the archives as a resource. This may include working with confidential or sensitive information. Additionally, the Archivist promotes the Archives as appropriate and educates constituents about the history of Punahou School and other topics as well as use of historical records.
Punahou Archives manages archival holdings by appraising, acquiring, preserving, and providing appropriate access to the key records and information (in any format or media) documenting Punahou School’s origin and history, educational mission, programs, activities, and growth and development, in keeping with accepted professional archival standards. The Archives will maintain its materials securely; dispose of unneeded records in keeping with legal requirements, institutional needs, and other professionally established criteria.

The archives of any organization or entity typically are not treated in exactly the same way as a special or corporate library, but rather as a grouping of unique and integrated materials.

The Archive’s Goals

  • Preserve and make available the records of Punahou School, for research and administrative use;
  • Promote an awareness of the Archives so that it becomes an integral and recognized part of Punahou School.
  • Provide a historically secure and accurate record in order to foster a sense of history, pride and unity for the Punahou community; and
  • Ensure that Punahou’s archival record is accurate, authentic and reflects the mission of Punahou School.

Scope of the Archives

List of 4 items.

  • Legal Considerations

    The Archives will acquire materials only when it is ethically and legally appropriate to do so, upon consideration of applicable federal, state, local and international law and professional standards, especially those pertaining to copyright.  The Archives will not accept any materials it has reason to believe were acquired by unethical or illegal means.
  • Personal Records

    The Archives also acquires via donation, the personal records of Punahou’s constituents; administrative officials, faculty and staff, alumni, donors, parents and grandparents of alumni at the discretion of the Archivist and in accordance to the acquisition policy.
  • Puns in Print Collection

    The Archives acquires through donation of publications and manages publications, including, but not limited to, books, audio and video recordings, created by alumni, as well as current or former faculty and staff.
  • School Records

    The Archives consists of records generated by the School scheduled for permanent retention.  Exceptions may be considered on a case-by-case basis and with consultation of the appropriate administrator or the Administrative Leadership Team. 
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