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Exceptional teachers cultivate their intellectual curiosity, creativity, innovation and collaboration – qualities that they also nurture and inspire in our students. At Punahou, teachers are actively encouraged to become reflective practitioners, researchers, scholars and authors, with the expectation that they will contribute meaningfully to a broader understanding of teaching and learning

Punahou is committed to sustaining a vibrant culture of professional renewal among our faculty while seeking new ways to enrich a global community of educators who are reinventing the art of teaching.

Professional Programs at Punahou is the nexus of professional development opportunities for faculty and staff. The department aims to bridge the worlds of theory and practice, and of research and action, in the context of a vibrant, innovative K – 12 school.

Faculty fellowships are also available to give teachers the opportunity to explore areas of inquiry that will contribute to the instructional knowledge base of Punahou’s learning community and beyond. Being named a Punahou Faculty Fellow allows our teachers to replace all or a portion of their teaching load with dedicated time to enrich and deepen their practice, with the expectation that their learning will be reapplied to the classroom and to the instructional program of the School.

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Professional Programs at Punahou