Donor Stories

Richard and Carin Lim

Richard C. Lim, director of Sennet Capital, and Carin Lim, former Punahou Japanese teacher, are the parents of Robbie '04, Mikey '06 and Kristin '09 who collectively won a record eight state tennis championships for Punahou School.
Since seeing their youngest child off to college last fall, the Lims have pledged a generous leadership gift for the Punahou tennis facility fundraising project and will name courts 3 and 4, where Robbie, Mikey and Kristen won all of their championships.

"When we were invited to contribute to the tennis facility, it was an exciting moment. It's not often that you have the opportunity to be a part of a program with a 60-year history of excellence. As a family, we spent the last 18 years at the Punahou courts, which became an integral part of our life. But it was not just about tennis. Through the program, the kids learned many valuable lessons that will extend far beyond the courts," says Richard Lim.

"The tennis program is emblematic of what makes Punahou special - encouraging kids to grow and develop as individuals, while immersing them in a very rich and nurturing learning environment that is anchored by a strong culture and tradition.

"We strongly applaud Punahou's decision to replace the courts lost from the expansion of K-1. It demonstrates the school's commitment to a sport that has served it well over the past 60 years."