Donor Stories

Jerry '52 and Niki Fuller

Jerry '52 and Niki Fuller know a thing or two about nurturing. Nearly 40 years ago they cared for an injured Monarch butterfly for three weeks. That experience sparked an interest in butterflies and became the catalyst for studying and raising them.
In 2005, they founded the Butterfly Society of Hawai'i and now have an 8,000-square-foot public butterfly garden in Foster Garden. "Our goal is to educate people on the importance of butterflies," says Jerry.

The Fullers have created butterfly gardens in Hawai'i public schools. They also host students, including 150 Punahou kindergartners in September, at the butterfly garden. With the same sense of nurturing community and support for education, they made a plan for a future Jerry '52 and Niki Fuller Special Student Reserve Fund. Income from this endowed fund will provide financial assistance to excellent Punahou juniors and seniors who run into unexpected financial challenges. Jerry and Niki believe, "It's so unfortunate to have a kid make it to the 11th grade and then be unable to continue and graduate with their class."

With a history of giving almost every year since Jerry graduated, through monetary gifts or contributing Niki's artwork to beautify campus buildings, the Fullers established a Pooled Income Fund in the mid-1990s. Recently, they established Charitable Gift Annuities – all of which as part of their estate planning, will support the Student Reserve Fund.

"Punahou's programs of educating on a broad scale are very attractive to us," says Jerry. "We expect Punahou to continue to provide the leaders of our community because of the excellence of education students receive and the encouragement to look and search for knowledge beyond what they read in a book. ... It provides an academic platform, but broadens their awareness of our culture, the arts and the environment."

"I am fortunate to be able to give back. I feel it is everyone's responsibility to do that, to give back to their community," says Jerry, "and giving through an estate planning vehicle provides this opportunity."