Donor Stories

A Perfect Match

As a real estate and finance lawyer with Alexander & Baldwin, Michele Sunahara '83 Loudermilk knows a thing or two about money management. So when she learned of the company's gift-matching program, using it was a perfect way to show gratitude.
"It's a nice way for companies to support the causes their employees support. As an employee, my matched gift also has a greater financial impact," says Loudermilk, who has consistently supported Punahou's Annual Fund as well as her Class Reunion Fund.

Nowadays, while everyone is trying to make their money go a bit further, the opportunity to double a charitable contribution is a sound investment. For Loudermilk, her support is a way to thank a school that provided "so much more than a stellar academic education. I learned life skills, such as confidence, generosity, creativity and empathy."

"By the lifelong friends I made, the lessons I learned, and the opportunities I was given, my life was enriched in many ways at Punahou."

As the mother of a seventh-grader at Punahou, Loudermilk not only values that unique education for her own child, but for all students her donation helps to support. "I am happy to know that when my daughter graduates, Punahou will have prepared her for whatever kind of world we live in. ... I hope my donation will allow children at all income levels the opportunity for a Punahou experience. I also hope my donation will further Punahou's ability to stay at the forefront of learning, with facilities that keep pace with society."

Loudermilk hopes that her continuing involvement serves as an example for others as well. "I would advise others to take advantage of their employers' matching programs, and if they don't have one, to consider asking that they implement one. Even if a matching program has a relatively low matching cap, every dollar counts and every dollar helps. It's truly a benefit that employees should consider using."

To find out if your company matches charitable contributions, see the Matching Gifts page.