Team Up to Provide Resources for Families

Team Up is a parent education initiative to enrich the education and learning experience for Punahou families. The initiative seeks to provide parents with helpful, relevant information from distinguished sources.

COVID 19 Family Resources

As the world grapples with the uncertainties posed by the COVID-19 outbreak, explore resources to support families during remote learning. For specific information about Punahou’s Distance Learning Plan, login to the Parent Portal.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources

For helpful resources on discussing racial equity with your child, visit Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Punahou.


Your Emotions Matter:
Using the RULER approach to support our social and emotional wellbeing during this time of crisis

RULER is an acronym for the 5 key skills of emotional intelligence:

Recognizing, Understanding, Labeling, Expressing and Regulating emotions effectively.

The 4-part video series introduces the RULER tools and approach to support social-emotional learning at home:

Part 1: Intro to the RULER approach and why your Emotions Matter

Part 2: Creating and using a Family Charter to improve the emotional climate at home

Part 3: How to use the Mood Meter to identify emotions

Part 4: Regulating Emotions during a time of crisis

See More RULER Resources

If you have questions or feedback on this series, please feel free to email Molly Takagi or Maureen MacLeod.

Junior School (K – 8)

Academy (9 – 12)

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Linda Burch
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Videos of Past Team Up Events


Coping with Grief During COVID-19
From this special webinar, Drs. Rob Evans and Michael Thompson outline ways parents can help seniors - and themselves - make the very best of the challenges being faced.


Parenting During A Time of Crisis
Psychologists and school consultants. Rob Evans, Ed.D., and Michael Thompson, Ph.D., discuss ways to help students cope with challenges of distance learning and manage stress.


Linda Burch - Parenting in the Digital Age
Read about Linda Burch's visit to campus.


Rob Evans & Michael Thompson: Rigor, Emotional Intelligence, and The Real Roots of Success
Read more about Michael Thompson and Rob Evan's visit to campus.


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The intent of Team Up! is to initiate a meaningful dialogue about important issues that affect students, parents and educators today.

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