Design Thinking

Described by Stanford University’s Institute of Design as a “methodology for innovation,” Design Thinking is a framework for developing practical and creative resolutions. The process is built on five basic steps – empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test. Students are taught to work through this process to create products or services that solve real-world problems.

The recently formed Design Thinking, Technology and Fabrication department at Punahou endeavors to fully integrate Design Thinking into the curriculum and across a multitude of disciplines at Punahou, making it a core component of the Punahou experience K - 12.

This educational philosophy will be furthered by the completion of the K – 12 Learning Commons. The two facilities – one in the Junior School and one in the Academy – will build congruency between students’ experiences in school and the real world through teaching and learning that is student-driven, interdisciplinary, collaborative and highly creative, and transform students’ questions into meaningful work that addresses authentic challenges and audiences while supporting faculty as thoughtful researchers and innovators, positioning Punahou as an educational resource and partner for other schools.