The Punahou Theatre Department provides students with a stimulating blend of cultural diversity, intellectual vigor, and creative experience, in an intimate, safe, and supportive atmosphere. We provide rich and varied educational experiences in acting, movement, improvisation, storytelling and design training, enabling students to grow personally through creative expression, while strengthening their performance skills to the fullest. We believe theatre plays a critical role in nurturing the human spirit, and through their talents, students can inspire others to consider, reflect, and change the world.

Our goals are to:

  • Develop a solid theatre vocabulary
  • Encompass and connect with local, global and historical contexts
  • Develop an individual and ensemble voice as an outlet for expression
  • Encourage creativity
  • Empower students to have a growth mindset in striving to realize their potential
  • Apply knowledge and skills towards approaching challenges in any situation (including but not limited to): identity, self-worth, patience, perseverance, empathy, humility, self-discipline, collaboration, resilience, determination and time management

Graduation Requirements

Students must earn two credits in the Visual and Performing Arts. All Theatre courses may be taken to fulfill Visual and Performing Arts requirements or elective credit.