Summer School

Academy Summer School provides a unique opportunity for enrolled Punahou students to fulfill graduation requirements in a focused and immersive learning environment. Summer School allows students to focus on one or two courses at a time. Rather than fulfilling a remedial requirement, Academy Summer School opens up possibilities for students to broaden their course selection during the school year.

Summer School courses taken in 2019 are entered as part of the student’s 2019 – 2020 first semester record. Students register based on the grade they are entering in the fall.

Summer School registration for credit courses is completed during each student’s individual programming conference with their Deans in February. Summer School courses may be overenrolled and, due to limited space, students are not guaranteed their first choice in course selection. In such cases, priority is given to seniors first, then juniors and so on. All things being equal, a lottery may be held to determine which students are placed in a particular course.

All course offerings are subject to sufficient enrollment. Students are notified of any new course offerings, deletions or prerequisite changes via their Class deans. Tuition and fees for Summer School are charged to the student’s account.

Punahou students who take summer courses are expected to do so at Punahou unless an exception has been approved in advance by the deans.

Please note courses are scheduled for varying lengths from three to six weeks. These options may allow students with travel plans or conflicting programs to still attend Summer School. Additionally, there is a selection of Global Online Academy (GOA) online courses for upperclassmen that do not require attendance on campus. These options allow students with travel plans or conflicting programs to still attend Summer School.

Summer Absence Policy

Regular and punctual attendance are expectations of all Summer School students. There are two types of absences: Approved and Not Approved.

Approved Absences
Absences for illness, medical or dental appointments or funerals are subject to approval by the Academy Summer School director. The number of such absences allowed during a Summer School course is determined on a case by case basis by the Academy Summer School director and the dean.

Not Approved Absences
Absences for family trips, sports trips, driver-license tests, job interviews, employment, summer camp, errands, performances and similar conflicts will fall into the not approved absence category.

Students will fail a course if they accrue more than two “Not Approved” absences in a five-week or a six-week summer course, more than one “Not Approved” absence in a four-week summer course or any “Not Approved” absences in a three-week summer course.

The School reserves the right to request a doctor’s note to substantiate any absence from class unless previously approved by the director.

Summer Registration

Each student may register for up to one graduation credit in Academy courses during the summer as long as class times do not conflict, except students may not register for both an English and a Social Studies course in the same summer.

Students may also register for SAT Prep, a non-credit course, provided there are no scheduling conflicts.

Attire and Behavior Policies

The attire (including wearable IDs) and behavior policies during Summer School are the same as those enforced during the school year. These policies can be found in the Punahou School Handbook.

Books and Supplies

Books and supplies are not included in tuition unless noted in the course description. Textbooks for Academy Summer School courses should be purchased through the MBS Direct bookstore. Additional materials are available in the Punahou School Bookstore.


Late Registration
Any registration received after the registration deadline will be charged a late fee of $50 and the desired course will be registered on a space-available basis. Punahou School reserves the right to end or refuse registration at any time after the registration deadline.

Credit Courses

  • Registration deadline: May 10, 2019
  • Change fee after May 10: $50
  • Drop after June 7: 100% of tuition is forfeited

Graduation Credits


Students may take only two English courses in Summer School to fulfill the four credits required for graduation. They may take either English 1A between eighth and ninth grades or English 2A between ninth and tenth grades. Before their junior or senior years, they may take one offered elective.


Students are required to earn three credits in mathematics for graduation from Punahou. Only one of those three credits may be earned in Summer School. Students often choose to take a mathematics course during the summer as a means to accelerate in math, opening the door to calculus in their senior year.


Students may take only one credit in Summer School towards the two credits in laboratory science required for graduation.

Social Studies

Students may take only one credit in Summer School towards the three and one-half Social Studies credits required for graduation. A student may take either ISS between eighth and ninth grades or Asian History between ninth and tenth grades, but not both; and either the first half of U.S. History between tenth and eleventh grades or either of the two required senior courses between eleventh and twelfth grades, but not both.