Physical Education

Physical Education is pumping – the heart, that is. Whether choosing to be fit, learning a new game, developing specific skills or just having fun with friends, movement is at the heart of leading a physically active lifestyle.

The goal of the Academy Physical Education Department is to help students develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity. Empowering students to take control of their personal fitness is a primary goal of the Physical Education program.

A physically literate individual:

  • Demonstrates competency in a variety of skills.
  • Applies knowledge of movement concepts and principles.
  • Demonstrates a health-enhancing level of fitness.
  • Exhibits responsible personal and social behavior.
  • Values physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge and self-expression.

The Physical Education Department encourages students to experience a variety of activities that complement their personal interests and challenge them physically.

Graduation Requirements

Two credits are required for graduation. There are four categories from which students may choose to earn their credits: In School (ISPE), After School (ASPE), Athletics (ILH), and Summer School.

All students are required to take Lifetime Fitness. It is a fitness-related course, offered during regular school hours as well as during summer school and must be completed by the end of the tenth grade year.

It is highly recommended Lifetime Fitness be taken before any ISPE course. Students may not take two PE courses concurrently.

ISPE: In-School Physical Education (Physical Education)

ISPE is comprised of a number of classes that offer students a choice of activities. In each class, students learn to develop proficiency in skills and various movement forms, incorporate tactics, concepts and strategies in situations relative to the activity, as well as demonstrate responsible personal and social behavior. They are also encouraged to engage in regular exercise outside of class and utilize personal goals to guide an exercise program appropriate for them. The ultimate goal for these experiences is to help students become confident and competent enough to participate in and enjoy a variety of activities in recreational settings. To support out-of-class participation, several facilities are available for student use (under certain conditions), i.e. track, pool, racquetball courts, tennis courts and weight room.

Lifetime Fitness provides many concepts fundamental to the PE curriculum and is recommended before taking any ISPE class.

1st Semester
Basic Yoga Plus
Field Sports/Strength Training
Indoor Sports
Yoga I
Yoga II
Yoga Hybrid

2nd Semester
Basic Yoga Plus
Yoga I
Yoga II

Open to grades 9, 10, 11, 12. *Note: FIT is open to grades 11, 12 only. Prerequisite for Yoga II and Yoga II Hybrid: Yoga I and Lifetime Fitness. Semester course. One-half credit. Letter graded with a Credit/No Credit option (C or better for credit). Satisfies Physical Education graduation requirement.

After-School Physical Education (ASPE)

This program provides an opportunity for students to explore and engage in unique lifetime activities outside of the regular school day. Students elect activities by quarter and may combine activities from any two quarters to fulfill a semester credit. Many instructors are professionals in the community who provide their services to our students through this physical education program. Besides learning the related concepts and principles of movement, students practice and understand the basic skills, rules and strategies and their application as a lifetime fitness activity.

Classes meet two times per week, (Monday/Wednesday OR Tuesday/Thursday), 3:45 – 5:30 p.m., beginning with the first meeting day in each quarter. Activities may include ballet, bowling, capoeira, fencing, gymnastics, hiking, hula, judo, Middle Eastern dance, racquetball, sailing, surfing, stand-up paddling and Zumba. Students in ballet are also required to sign up with the Dance School.

Open to grades 9, 10, 11, 12. Prerequisite: Lifetime Fitness. Quarter course. One-quarter credit. Only ASPE quarters may be combined for semester credit. Credit/No Credit (C or better for credit). Satisfies Physical Education graduation requirement.

ILH (Extra-curricular) (Physical Education ILH)

Punahou’s athletic program involves student participation and competition in the Interscholastic League of Honolulu (ILH). Individuals must be deemed eligible to participate by the Athletic Department and fulfill basic participation requirements in order to earn credit. These requirements include being present and actively participating in a minimum of 75% of all required team sessions, participate in at least one officially scheduled competition and perform physical conditioning exercises as directed by the coaching staff. Start and end dates for each season are provided by the Athletics Department.

Open to grades 9, 10, 11, 12. Semester course. One-half credit. Credit/No Credit (C or better for credit). Satisfies Physical Education graduation requirement, although the same sport may not be used for credit more than twice. (Sporter Air Riflery and Precision Air Riflery count as the same sport.)

FIT: Fitness through Independent Training

This course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to create and engage in a personal exercise program that best reflects their interests and personal goals. In following this program, students participate in regularly scheduled activities in and out of school, keep weekly exercise journals, regularly monitor individual program goals and complete other related projects. There will be opportunities to visit and experience related wellness/fitness facilities. Students are expected to demonstrate effective self-management skills that enable them to maintain an exercise program outside of class. Classes are scheduled to meet twice per cycle. Students must apply during the registration period and be accepted prior to being enrolled in FIT.

Open to grades 11, 12. Prerequisites: Completion of Lifetime Fitness, approval by PE Department Faculty and Academy Deans; may not be taken in conjunction with another PE (ISPE or ASPE) course. Semester course. One-half credit. Letter graded with a Credit/No Credit option (C or better for credit). Satisfies Physical Education graduation requirement.

In-School Physical Education