Academy Course Listing

The following 2020 – 2021 course information will assist you in understanding course selection procedures and requirements for graduation. Punahou awards a diploma to each student who earns at least 22 credits during four years of high school and who meets the course requirements described in this catalog. It is the responsibility of each student to take all required courses needed to meet graduation requirements.

Graduation Requirements


At grade level assemblies, the deans brief students about graduation requirements and course offerings.

In February, deans meet with students individually to enroll them in courses. At the end of the third quarter, a list of the selected courses is made available. From that point, changes will depend on course availability as some courses will be closed and changes will not be possible.

Although students may choose from many courses, they must choose carefully. With as few exceptions as possible, Punahou programs, schedules and staffs courses according to demand. This accommodation rarely happens in other schools, and it requires course request counts be accurate.

Course offerings depend upon sufficient enrollment and available staff. Some combinations of courses may result in scheduling conflicts and in some cases students may have to alter their course selections.