Because music is an innate and distinct form of human thinking and expression, students are offered a variety of courses which focus on, but are not limited to, one of the three fundamental music processes – performing, creating, and responding to music. Students will:

  • Acquire skills in singing or playing instruments, improvising, composing, reading and notating music.
  • Acquire knowledge and understanding to describe, analyze, and evaluate music and music performances.
  • Discover and understand through music their own historical and cultural heritage and connections with other cultures and disciplines.
  • Develop healthy personal attitudes through music participation, including curiosity, risk-taking, initiative, and independence, while learning the important social virtues of commitment, cooperation, responsibility and respect.

Graduation Requirements

Students must earn two credits in Visual and Performing Arts. All Music Department courses may be taken to fulfill the Visual and Performing Arts graduation requirement or general elective credit. Courses taken to fulfill the Visual and Performing Arts requirement must be taken for a letter grade; courses taken for general elective credit may earn either a letter grade or Credit/No Credit.