Global Online Academy

Punahou School is a founding member of the Global Online Academy (GOA). Established in 2011, GOA offers diverse and rigorous credit-bearing courses to students in member schools around the world. All GOA courses have synchronous components (when students collaborate together or work with their teacher at a set time, generally using video conferencing software) and asynchronous components (students choose when to participate.)

GOA students participate in a truly global classroom, learning alongside peers with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Courses are designed, developed and taught by teachers from member schools and meet the rigor and high quality for which these schools are well-known. Credit is awarded by Punahou for participating Punahou students.

GOA courses are equivalent to an honors or AP course in amount of work and time necessary to complete the course. The 2020 - 2021 courses offer elective credit at Punahou. Semester courses earn one-half credit and year courses earn one credit.