Punahou Poll: What Are You Looking Forward to This Year?

Scott Osborn ’94 and Erin Teruya ’93 Kinney
From second-graders to seniors, students share their feelings about starting up the new school year, and what they’re hopeful for.
Getting into college and graduating. I’ve been here since kindergarten and it’s what this is all building up to. Graduating and saying farewell to everyone and then leaving the islands. – Ben ’19
I’m excited about all the sports you can do here and the really good education. – Chase ’27
I like having the teacher play the guitar in front of us. – Ethan ’27
Meeting new friends! – Jaycie ’25
I’m excited to see my friends. – Kira ’29
I’m excited to have a good last year with my friends and spend time with my classmates. Variety Show, prom, all that, and for college apps to be done. – Lauren ’19
The School lunch! – Lono ’29
I’m excited to be a real upperclassman. I want to just savor this moment because it’s such a great amazing school, and I’m glad to end it here. – Nick ’19
I’m excited for the school year because we’re in middle school, and there’s going to be more experiences and opportunities. – Sera ’25
I am excited about what I’ll learn this year, the new friends I’ll make, and the knowledge that my teachers will share with us. – Sofia ’26