A Pint-Sized Punahou Carnival

Punahou Communications Staff

Every year at Omidyar K – 1 Neighborhood, kindergartners and first-graders host their own miniature carnival during the week leading up to the schoolwide Punahou Carnival. The first-grade students partner with their neighboring kindergarten class to design and build the games themselves, learning collaboration and compromise along the way. Face painting and malasadas add to the liveliness, but the most fun comes from the kid-tested, kid-approved games.

In the weeks leading up to the mini carnival, the students conceptualize their games from the ground up. First, they research other carnival games and determine how difficult to make theirs. They build a prototype and have others test it before finalizing the design. To complete the project, the children construct their designs from cardboard and other everyday materials found in their classroom makery space.

"The Greatest Treasure Hunt," "Bean Bag Fish Toss," and "Circus Ball" were just some of the games these young creators came up with this year.

On the day of the mini carnival, classrooms are transformed into fairgrounds, and parents are invited to help run the games so the students can take part in the activities. The students are excited to bring the spirit of Punahou Carnival into their own classrooms and take pride in seeing their collective efforts contribute to a fun day for everyone involved.