Luke Center for Public Service

Luke Leaders

The Luke Leaders Program is a hub of new, innovative, youth-led ideas that tackle some of our community’s most profound issues.

If you are a student in grades 9–12 who has aspirations to build peace, organize community, to fight injustice, to take a stand, or to change the world, then Luke Leaders is for you!

How Does Luke Leaders Work?

Luke Leaders is a uniquely youth-led program created by Ceeds of Peace and Luke Center for Public Service.  Each year we will launch a new cohort of Luke Leaders who are led through a flexible, facilitated, and mentor-supported approach to executing some of their big ideas. Each cohort consists of predetermined teams ready to tackle a big idea project together. The teams will be supported by the Luke Center, Ceeds of Peace staff, and a professional mentor with expertise in the area most closely related to the team’s project. Each Luke Leaders cohort will have an opportunity to present their projects to the public through a planned showcase event.


Each school year begins with a new cohort in-person meeting that aims to help focus and ground your team’s initiative. All subsequent meetings will be held virtually after school hours. We will be sending out a meeting schedule upon the start of the 2020-2021 school year.

Between each group session, each Luke Leader will also have access to 1:1 meetings with both Ceeds of Peace and Luke Center as well as their mentors as they take steps toward launching their big idea.

Download the Luke Leaders Schedule ›