The Punahou Journey

Grade 10

Following a transitional freshman year, a student’s sophomore year at Punahou continues with a similar curricular experience, but with a bit more choice and a new focus on personal growth. With more freedom in their schedule, students rely on, and further develop, their study skills and time management practices.
Tenth graders take English, math, language, social studies and science courses. As in the previous year, additional course options in arts and PE are also available. 

Students also take a semester long Social, Emotional and Ethical Learning (SEEL) course, where they explore group dynamics as a medium for personal growth, human development topics, communication and group facilitation skills.

In the fall, sophomores take the PSAT, a non-recorded practice test to prepare students for the SAT they’ll take in their junior year. In February, all tenth graders participate in the School’s annual Carnival and work at least one shift. In March, planning begins for the following year’s Carnival, which is hosted by the junior class. Student Carnival chairs and division heads are selected and choose the Carnival theme. The spring also features a sophomore-only social event, the Spring Lū‘au.