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At Punahou, children can grow with confidence into who they are. Activities and clubs offer a fun way for students to delve deeply into their personal interests.

Students in Grades 5 – 12 can join a variety of groups, clubs and activities that range from coding and K-pop to math team and May Day. Guided by a faculty advisor, clubs encourage students to explore their passion, make new friends and forge meaningful connections to the world.


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  • Athletics

    Athletics is an integral part of the academic experience at Punahou School. With over 120 teams competing in 21 different sports at intermediate, junior varsity and varsity levels, there is tremendous opportunity for participation.

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  • Carnival

    Carnival is a campus-wide effort, offering leadership opportunities and bonding experiences for the entire Punahou community, in support of this iconic financial aid fundraising event.

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    Offered as a four-year progression of Academy courses, JROTC offers competitive appointments to West Point, Annapolis and the Air Force Academy to outstanding cadets who qualify.
  • May Day and Holoku

    The annual May Day and Holokū program is one of the School’s most popular spring traditions, offering students from K – 12 the opportunity to learn and perform mele, oli and hula. All students from kindergarten through grade 5 participate in the May Day program; participation is optional for Middle School and Academy students.

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  • Service and Social Entrepreneurship

    Social responsibility is a significant aspect of Punahou’s culture, as well as its curriculum. There are always opportunities to volunteer in service of the community, or to explore entrepreneurial solutions to social problems.

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  • Travel and Exchange

    Recognizing that learning in global environments can be both academically and personally enriching, Punahou offers its students a wide array of globally focused programs both on island and away. Students also have travel opportunities through athletics teams, musical ensembles and other groups.

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Students in grades 6 – 12 have the opportunity to participate in a diverse number of clubs, informal groups organized around shared interests with the support of a faculty advisor. Students view clubs as an important part of the Punahou experience: a chance to branch out, explore different options and make new friends. Over time, some students focus on particular clubs and enjoy the camaraderie of activities with fellow students who share the same interest.

The number and variety of clubs represent the diverse interests of students and are made possible through the support of faculty advisors. As the students often say, “There is something for everyone!”

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  • Grades 6 – 8

    Admission Tour GuidesMr. Hirohata
    After School ArtMr. Mosher, Ms. Huang
    Band (Select Middle School)Mr. King
    Band, Solo & Ensemble FestivalMr. King
    Canteen (Grades 7 & 8)Dr. Komori, Mrs. Tyau
    Da ClubChaplain Hayashi, Mrs. Hosoda
    Coding ClubMr. Egesdal, Mrs. Kiang
    Eighth Grade DanceMrs. Mazzullo, Mrs. Tyau
    First Tech Challenge (Grades 7 & 8)Mr. Lai
    First Lego League (Grade 6)Mr. Lai
    Geography ClubMrs. Saito, Ms. Teraoka
    K-Pop ClubMs. Patton
    Kind ClubMrs. Hu
    Math TeamMrs. Shannon, Mrs. Hosoda
    Math ClubMr. Kimi
    May Day ProgramMrs. Ah Wong, Mrs. Utu
    POPSMrs. Patton
    S.A.G.A. (Sexuality and Gender Acceptance)Mrs. Ralston, Mrs. Lee-Gustilo
    Science Olympiad TeamMrs. Jones
    Global LeadersMs. Okimoto, Dr. Vierra
    Student LeadershipMrs. Takagi
  • Grades 9 – 12

    Clubs (clubs with * are FULL STATUS)DescriptionAdvisor(s)
    American Red Cross*Support the Red CrossKathryn Mau
    ArtA relaxed environment for artist to draw and improve togetherRalph Pascucci
    Artists and Writers' CoalitionA place where artist and writers can practice their skillsDavid Ball
    ASLLearn sign language and develop empathy for the deaf communityRachel Moriyama
    Aviation*Provide an opportunity to engage in a variety of aviation related discussions and activitesAngela Kung
    Chess and Go (Gess)To explore strategic gameplayBrian Johnson
    Chess*Friendly competitions through chess
    Chinese Language and CultureTo learn more about Chinese language and culture outside of Chinese classesJungying Lu-Chen
    Classics*To study Classical CultureHella Kihm
    Club Jam*Share different genres of musicJ Koseki
    Cooking*Learn to CookDavid Del Rocco
    CyberPuns*To promote Cyber security education and engage in various cyber competitionsBob Takao
    Deep Blue CrewTo give back and take care of our island, our beachesMelissa Giresi
    Design, Technology & Engineering Club PunahouHelp to modify items around campusAdedoyin Ogunniyi
    DIY*To encourage innovators to expand and develop their ideasJohn Chock
    Dub ClubPractice how to control our voice emotion and help us in actingJunko Ady
    Dungeons and Dragons*Play Dungeons and Dragons with three primary values - Collaboration, Creativity and CommunityTed Demura-Devore
    E.L.F. ClubTo engage in beneficiary acts for our peers outside the Punahou CommunityRie Chun
    Entrepreneurship*To provide mentorship, inspiration and resources for student entrepreneursMark Loughridge
    Fishing clubTo teach how to fish and continue to develop an appreciation for our beautiful ocean ecosystemJordan Ushijima
    Glass*Learn how to blow glassMark Mitsuda
    Got Game?Explore different board gamesAndrea Meller
    Grow Your GrindzGrow food sustainably for the betterment of the future of our islandIan Earle
    Helping HandsTo lend a "helping hand" to make the world we live in a happier, healthier placeAtsuko Motet
    History Bowl*Making History and Social Studies fun and to represent Punahou in the History Bowl CommunityJed Lovingfoss
    HOPE*To help oncology patientsKelly Smith
    HUGS*To help child with cancerAnya Pitzer
    Hui O Aloha*Student tour guides to prospective high school students applying to PunahouChad Nishikawa
    Humane Society*Support Humane SocietyRick Tune
    Ice Skating*Enjoy ice skating on and off the icePeggy Crowell
    International Thespian SocietyHonoring student achievement in theater and enriching their educational experienceBryce Chaddick
    Investment*Learning about the world of the stock market and to experiment with different kinds of strategiesJon Ishii
    Japanese Okinawan Culture*Learn about the Japanese and Okinawan culturesJan Asato
    Just Dance*Play Just Dance and bring our energy to Shriner's HospitalMarci Ching
    K-POP*To share a common interest in Korean music and culture
    Ka Halawai Hou - Voyaging ClubCreate an outdoor classroom and connect people, knowledge and allow culture to flourishKaniela Lyman-Merserau
    Ka PunahouProvide the Punahou Community with relevant news and engaging commentary, written and produced from the student perspectiveMarshall Comstock
    Ka Wai OlaTo share original art and writing of Punahou academy students with a Fall and Spring issueDavid Scrivner
    Kalo*Working in the lo'iMark Noguchi
    Key Club*Service ClubDeira Itagaki
    Korean Language & Culture ClubLearn about Korean language, history, society and cultureHermie Chaney
    Let's CreatePracticing creativityDiera Itagaki
    LIFE (Learning to Independently Fulfill Everyday Things)*To teach students essential life skills they will need once they leave their parents'/guardians' care and are off to collegeJon Ishii
    LifeSmartsParticipate in Lifesmart competitionsBlaine Bolibol
    Math Team*To provide higher understanding and appreciation for mathematicsAndrea Bender
    Medical Experiences*To get medical experiences in all fields of medicineWendi Kamiya
    Metals*To explore interest in metalworkingAnnelise Yee
    Mock Trial*A place to collaborate and work on public speaking especially anyone interested in studying lawTraci Young
    Model United Nations*Participate in conferences outside of school to find solutions to global issues
    Mud*Work with clayDan Harano
    Music*Provide musical concertsLauren Holt
    Not Yet Dead Poet's Society*Share poetry and be creativeTimothy Duke
    Ocean Science Bowl*Learn more about the ocean and how it worksMelissa Giresi
    Operation Smile*Help 3rd world children with surgical needs
    Paint with Bob Ross*No mistakes, just happy accidentsPete Hansen
    Punacast 17.9Promoting and raising awareness for eventsMarisa Proctor
    Punahou Christian Athletes*To provide a community around the Christian faith where people can fellowship, grow and explore. You do not need to be Christian to join!Keith Cockett
    Punahou CliffhangersTeach about climbingJ. Lawerence
    Punahou Esports clubA space and time for students to practice, improve their skill and compete in one of the three video games: League of Legends, Rocket League and SmiteHanno Adams, Douglas Kiang
    Punahou Lacrosse*Learn to play LacrosseJohn McKinley
    Punahou Literary SeminarCultivating students' inner passion for reading, literature and the English languageZoe Dare-Attanasio
    Robotics*Teach about STEM and compete in FIRST robotics competitionEdward Kinnear
    Rowing ClubPromote the rowing community and help expand our knowledgeCerylin Lee
    SAGA*An outlet for Punahou students to talk about topics related to the LGBTQ+ community in a safe environmentAlison Lazzara
    Science Bowl*Learn more about science and encourage excitement about science through friendly competitionTiffany Coke
    Scleroderma and Fibrotic Diseases FoundationHelping those with Scleroderma and other Fibrotic diseases
    Skateboarding ClubTeach the values for persistence and resilience through skateboardingJoshua Jackson
    SOS Amazon (Re-Forest the World)Planting trees and supporting other environmental organizationsMike Bassford
    Speech and Debate Team*Prepare for local, state and possibly national competitionsBlaine Bolibol
    Sustainability Fair (Club)How to live more sustainable livesDani Goddard
    Sustainable Living*Share sustainable living with the massesIan Earle
    Tech Theatre ClubInform, educate, challenge and enrich student tech theater artists through work on theatrical productionsTravis Flazer
    Urban Planning and DesignTeam based competition to improve communitiesScott Leitner
    Wellness*To create an environment that fosters connections, care, collaboration, positivity and wellnessBennett Valencia
    Women in PhysicsCreate a supportive environment for women to explore physics. All students of any gender are welcome.Tiffany Coke
    Women in STEMA place to share excitement about science, technology, engineering and math with others. All students of any gender are welcome.Mary Kiang
    Yoga/RestorativeHelp students have more balance in their lives, in and out of schoolShelley Fey
    #savetheplanetClean up Hawaii from Mauka to Makai

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