Few schools evoke a sense of place as strong as Punahou’s. For nearly two centuries, Punahou has provided a nurturing, enriching environment that’s deeply connected to Hawai‘i. As we consider the needs of the future, we continue with thoughtful campus planning to enhance the landscape of learning that is central to the Punahou experience.

Progressive Learning Environments

From the newly completed Kosasa Community for Grades 2 – 5 that includes the cutting-edge Junior School Learning Commons to enriched outdoor spaces and sustainable building design, Punahou is committed to creating inspiring learning environments that anchor children in an intimate, nurturing community.

Access and Opportunity

Punahou believes all students who have the talent and promise to thrive at our School should have an opportunity to attend, regardless of their family’s financial circumstances.

Inspiring Lives of Purpose and Meaning

Instilling core values and character in our students is a key component of a Punahou education.

Punahou Fund

Provides various resources that benefit students and teachers, as well as sustain programs and the campus.