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Travel Policy

The Punahou School Travel policy provides 3 options for students returning from out-of-state travel: to quarantine for 10 days after returning or, quarantine at home for 5 days after returning from travel and then obtain a COVID-19 test or to be fully vaccinated prior to the start of out-of-state travel. In all situations, students should also meet the State travel requirements at the time of the trip.

Students who plan to do a Day 5 test must stay home while waiting for the result of the test and submit a negative test result to our COVID response team (covidresponse@punahou.edu) before being cleared to return to campus.

Please share the details of your plans for travel, so your child’s dean can review it and, if needed, discuss plans for maintaining learning continuity for any days of school missed due to travel or post-travel quarantine. At this time, there is not a formalized distance learning option available for students who are away from school due to travel or in quarantine related to travel.

Please submit a separate form for each child in your family who is traveling out of state.


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Punahou is carefully monitoring the latest developments regarding coronavirus (COVID-19). Please visit our Health page for the latest updates.

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