Code of Conduct
Rules and Policies

Drugs, Alcohol and Illegal Substances

Punahou does not support or tolerate the use of drugs, alcohol and illegal substances by students on campus, and we strongly discourage students from using these substances outside of school.
Alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarettes, the inappropriate use of prescription drugs and illegal substances carry physical, psychological and legal risks. All of the physical and psychological dangers of drug use tend to be magnified for adolescents, and the risk of addiction with any of these drugs is real.
We believe that Punahou must work with students and parents to strive toward a drug-free life, which is why we educate students about the dangers of drug and alcohol use through formal classes, assemblies, special programs and individual counseling.

Substance Abuse Policy

Being under the influence of drugs, including alcohol, during the school day or at a school event is a serious violation of the Code of Conduct. If any member of the Punahou community is caught breaking any of the school rules concerning drugs or alcohol, we will take appropriate and serious disciplinary action, including possible expulsion.
Our substance abuse policy is as follows:

  • No student or parent within the school’s jurisdiction (e.g., on campus or at a school-related event) may offer, accept, sell, purchase, possess, consume, use or be under the influence of alcohol or any illegal or unauthorized drugs or chemicals of all categories. At sanctioned school events where alcohol is served, responsible consumption is permitted for adults age 21 and over.
  • No student or parent within the school’s jurisdiction may offer, accept, sell, purchase, possess or make use of any drug paraphernalia or drug delivery systems, including, but not limited to, e-cigarettes or vaporizers.

The school may extend jurisdiction beyond the campus when students or parents, by using or supplying alcohol or drugs off campus, put members of the Punahou community at risk.

Parent Responsibilities

In support of responsible and safe student behavior off campus, one area of concern is
private parties, which may be unsupervised or have alcohol or drugs available. Students and parents should be aware of the potential dangers of alcohol toxicity, drug overdoses, sexual assaults and fights and brawls at private parties.
Parents who host parties or facilitate parties for Punahou students at venues, such as hotel rooms, assume legal liability for any and all behaviors that occur. This includes, but is not limited to, parties that precede or follow Punahou events.

Counseling and Discipline

We believe in counseling students who acknowledge a drug or substance use problem and will support students or parents seeking evaluation and/or treatment for such problems. The deans/counselors can refer families to appropriate community resources.
Students may seek help from a school counselor for substance use outside of the School’s jurisdiction. We will work with parents to address the situation to ensure the safety of the student and the community.
However, when students are discovered to be using or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol on campus, serious disciplinary measures will be invoked.
Students who, in the opinion of the deans, are personally or academically seriously compromised by drug or alcohol use over a period of time may be required to undergo drug testing at their families’ expense. How test results are used will be determined on a case-by-case basis. This policy does not apply to drug testing agreed to by a student with a treating doctor as part of a treatment plan.