Case Accelerator for Student Entrepreneurship

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This top level consists of 1 to 2 hour introductory experiences that fit into the school day as class modules, drop-in opportunities, and after school activities.

We want every student to have at least three of these experiences during their career at Punahou: once in elementary school, then again in middle school and at the Academy.

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top level offerings

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  • Creative Greats – Broadway!

    Everyone benefits from the entrepreneurial mindset, especially artists and actors who have to build their own careers. We brought in superstar talents from Broadway, including a Broadway producer and the actor playing “Tony” for the new version of West Side Story. They guided students through a series of role-play scenarios to understand how to build careers as entrepreneurs in the arts. Students gained hands-on experience.
  • Boba Tea Challenge

    Students love snacks! To introduce them to entrepreneurship in a collaborative and exciting way, we challenged students to create and market their own boba teas. From the colors to the flavors to the branding, students had to decide on design and marketing choices to make their products stand out.
  • CS Intro Night

    During an informal event to introduce curious students to computer programming, CASE ran a lively exercise to generate ideas for innovative apps. Using “Mission Feature Feature,” a card game designed by CASE and computer science faculty, students brainstormed and pitched each other original apps to solve the “mission” dealt to them along with the given features. For example, how do you meet someone new (Mission) using your phone’s global positioning (Feature A) and voice-activated control (Feature B)? Join in the next pitch fest to find out! 
  • Sustainable Packaging

    How can we give packaging a life beyond the average six minutes it spends with a consumer? These students rose to the challenge to craft minimum viable products and pitch each other their fascinating inventions. Tangerine packaging transforms into a musical instrument! Cardboard containers become creative masks and costume props!
  • Green Market

    In a 2.5 hour session we challenged 6th graders to invent new products and services featuring native species to help the planet and their community. They obtained loans from “Big Bucks Bank” to shop at the Wholesale Warehouse (tables loaded with dirt, seedlings, recycled odds and ends, and more) and crafted their original products.

    From new types of lotions to planters brimming with edibles to natural air fresheners in hanging pots of upcycled material – the students delighted everyone with their innovations at the Green Market.
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