Case Accelerator for Student Entrepreneurship

Deeper Dive

The second level is a deeper dive from 2 to 50 hours. We aim to reach at least 30% of a graduating class at some point during their time at Punahou with these deeper dives.

These deeper dives occur in clubs, courses offered during the school day, summer school, and as after school programs.

Explore some of our
second level offerings

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  • Food Fun Festival

    Over 150 young entrepreneurs in grades 2 – 5 created Food Fun games to raise awareness for issues around food insecurity as a new part of the Food Drive on campus each fall. Want to play? Pay with a can of food! These budding young social entrepreneurs practiced their business skills and delighted visitors with their innovative work, all for a good cause. Through their efforts we had one of the best years in the Food Drive, with a total of 8,676 pounds of food donated. 

    CASE partnered with Punahou Computer Science and Booz Allen Hamilton to host a data science hackathon open to the community.  A hackathon is an event that typically occurs over 1 – 3 days where we establish a theme and pose a set of real world challenges for students to tackle. During the hackathon the students team up, create rapid prototypes and pitch their ideas to a panel – “Shark Tank” style.

    In this hackathon we challenged students to brainstorm and pitch an original app to help families affected by ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).
  • Sport Mix

    Golf meets football! Soccer, but with a floating, puffy trash bag!

    2nd –  5th graders in this After School Care Design Sprint learned about the triple bottom line of business: what are you doing to help the planet (such as upcycling); how do you support your community; and how do you invest your profits – even if it is Monopoly money?

    Our budding sports entrepreneurs each chose a charity to champion and then invented original sports to play during our New Sport Olympics. They combined two or more known sports in new ways to promote healthy exercises and raise awareness for their causes.
  • Coding for Entrepreneurs

    How does Apple’s FaceID recognize your face? How does an eBay auction work? How does Amazon recommend things you like?

    Students discussed these questions and built prototypes of these innovations for themselves in this introductory coding course mentored by Mr. Greg Mittleider, a former Preceptor in Computer Science for Harvard’s wildly popular introductory to computer science course, CS50.

    CASE, the Academy Entrepreneurship Club and Mr. Mittleider collaborated to debut this offering in order to keep Academy students engaged even after clubs could no longer meet during the pandemic. Students loved it!
  • VR Internship Course

    In the summer of 2020 we debuted a new type of course where students learned professional skills, worked on real projects, gained industry insight, and innovated with new technologies. 

    We invited students to join us on the cutting edge and learn how to create immersive simulations in virtual reality. They learned to produce the art, sound, code, story, and interactions that enable people to immerse themselves into situations too dangerous, inaccessible or otherwise impossible to experience firsthand. Students worked with local hi-tech company, Adventure VR, to bring to life the history and science of flight in an original virtual reality experience.
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