Case Accelerator for Student Entrepreneurship

Deep Deep Dive

This third level encourages students to dive deep with their passions.

Through an independent study, a summer business, internship or a service project, students spend 50+ hours turning their ideas and passions into concrete, marketable achievements.

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third level offerings

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  • Invent a Flavor, Help the Planet

    How do you learn to help save the planet while inventing a delicious new flavor? Partner with Banán! A hugely popular local business founded by Punahou grads, Banán uses locally harvested, healthy ingredients to create banana-based treats for their “dairy-free frozen goodness” company. CASE student leaders and the Academy Entrepreneurship Club teamed up with Banán to launch a flavor design challenge: who can invent the best “Buff ‘n Blue” flavor? 

    Students learned how to balance flavor and cost of goods, then pitched their original brands and shared samples during the “Shark Tank” session.  They learned about the triple bottom line: how do you choose to help the planet, people, and what causes do you support with the profits you make? For Banán it's: make the earth happy, make people happy, serve righteous food.

    During our Social Ventures G-term, the challenge culminated with the Banán truck outside mixing up a big batch of the winning formulas. CASE student leaders are now working to transform this challenge into a signature, annual event that every student in middle school experiences.
  • PunsUnited

    This new student-led campus group is working to address the rising need for financial aid caused by the coronavirus crisis. Inspired by the parent fundraising effort ‘21Together, more than 90 Academy students are working together to harness the creativity and intellect of the Punahou student body to help raise money in support of student financial aid. The students plan to sell original products like jewelry, personal care items, and accessories, and will donate profits to the PunsUnited Fund. Their products will be featured on the House of Mana Up website starting in July 2020.
  • The Green Time

    Fresh from the rapid prototyping in our Green Market design challenge, a group of enterprising sixth graders came to CASE practically every lunch hour in the spring semester to work on an original product with a triple bottom line: modular frames for air plants made from recycled plastic. They spent many hours of their free time researching, designing and 3D printing prototypes, iterating, and more. The result: lively, green and chic planters for your home that eliminate plastic waste and offset carbon with CO2-sucking epiphytes!

    Although the pandemic slowed their plans to debut their product at the Punahou Sustainability Fair, they remain undeterred and will no doubt join the cohorts of students selling original products to the world through Mana Up.
  • We Ignite Change

    Two seniors from the class of ‘20 launched a social venture that provides refurbished computer hardware to students in need across the state. They are doing this at a cost of acquisition way below MIT’s effort to scale to the world with “One Laptop per Child”. We are proud of how they bring to life the Aims of a Punahou Education. With their streamlined, efficient model they can scale to the world a solution that reduces electronic waste and narrows the digital divide.
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