Chamberlain Field

Located between Palm Drive and Chamberlain Drive at the lowest part of Punahou's campus, Chamberlain Field features one baseball diamond, one softball diamond, and adjoining batting cages. In addition to hosting many athletic events and other school programs, Chamberlain Field acts as the main fairgrounds for the annual Punahou Carnival.


Originally referred to as simply "the lower field," and later named for former Punahou trustee William W. Chamberlain, the field has taken many shapes and served many purposes over Punahou's long history. It served as the school's only athletic field until 1909, when Alexander field was first used.
William Warren Chamberlain
Grandson of Levi Chamberlain, one of the school's original trustees at Punahou's inception in 1841, William Warren Chamberlain served as Punahou Trustee from 1914 to 1937.