At the Center of It All

Ashley Yim ’26 joined her ninth- grade Biology class “buddy” Sky Ross ’21 to plate water samples collected on a joint field trip to the Reppun Farm.
Ninth-grade Biology students Asha Mindich ’21 and Samantha Chapman ’21 assemble the water wheel they designed and fabricated in D. Kenneth Richardson ’48 Lab.
Sixth-graders are transported to another world using augmented reality.
Jake Tripp ’26 uses a belt sander in Frear Shop to smooth the edges of the paddles he designed for his water wheel project.
In the ongoing study, Kainoa Thorne ’26 and Hunter Takamori ’26 analyzed water samples from the Reppun Farm and the Lily Pond.
Academy Biology teacher Ali Dias ’89 Marumoto examines a water sample with fourth-graders. From left: Kamaile Shultz (front), Cayden Matsuoka, Allen Kudo and Kyle Nakagawa.
Tiare Tuimavave ’19 and Kumu Michael Chock, a master ‘ukulele builder, look over Tia’s artwork.
Andrew Perez ’19 and Tyler Sato ’19 work together to bend their ‘ukulele sides.
Keapo McKenney ’19 and Mia Crum ’19 prepare to bend their ‘ukulele sides.
Fourth-graders measure water levels in Waianu Stream during a field trip to Reppun Farm.
The natural and man-made water systems at the Reppun Farm nourish lo‘i kalo through traditional ‘auwai (irrigation ditches).
Waianu Stream provides natural energy with this water wheel, built by the Reppun family.