Public Service

Public service is an essential part of a Punahou education. By connecting students to a broader sense of community, service projects inspire them to realize a more equitable world.

Luke Center for Public Service is the hub for service initiatives that span kindergarten through grade 12. These include community service, such as volunteering and philanthropy; service learning that links activities to the curriculum; and social entrepreneurship, which guides students to become effective agents of social change.

Alongside social responsibility, Punahou cultivates an ethos of environmental stewardship among all grade levels. Students lead the way with encouraging healthy changes that promote resource conservation, including eliminating single-use plastics and reducing energy consumption on campus. The School has installed large-scale photo-voltaic systems, adjusted its irrigation and water use, and constructed new building complexes to rigorous LEED-certified standards. Punahou also is moving toward achieving full energy self-sufficiency.

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  • Senior Capstone

    This culminating experience, a required course for seniors, aims to deepen their sense of social and moral responsibility. Students take part in services that address critical community issues while expanding their ability to become compassionate global citizens.
  • Volunteer Opportunities

    Luke Center for Public Service coordinates student volunteer opportunities in the larger community. Whether they want to talk story with older adults or mentor young children at an art studio, students have a range of options that boost the well-being of others.
  • Luke Center for Public Service

    The Luke Center is the hub for community service, service learning and social entrepreneurship activities, which further the School’s public service and sustainability initiatives for grades K – 12.

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