Global Education

Global education prepares students to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Through language programs, travel experiences and the Student Global Leadership Institute, students cultivate the skills, knowledge and empathy they need to become ethical global citizens.

Today’s critical issues, from climate change to economic inequality, endanger the well-being of peoples and places worldwide. Punahou’s programs encourage students to meet such challenges and bring collaborative, meaningful solutions to light.

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  • Language Programs

    Languages, a foundational doorway to the world, are woven across the curriculum and into each student’s experience. Pupils in grade 1 study Mandarin Chinese, followed by Japanese in grade 2, and Hawaiian in grade 3. Students K – 5 can select after-school immersion programs in Hawaiian, Mandarin Chinese or Japanese.

    Elective language courses begin in seventh grade with French, Hawaiian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and Latin. In the Academy, students need a minimum of two consecutive levels of one language to graduate. Courses include French, Hawaiian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. Arabic is also offered through Global Online Academy.
  • G-Term: International Experiences

    During this special interim after winter break, Academy students take part in more than 70 different courses on campus, across O‘ahu, the country and even internationally. G-Term allows students to gain meaningful experiences that extend beyond the classroom.
  • Student Global Leadership Institute (SGLI)

    Each summer, the Student Global Leadership Institute (SGLI) convenes an international cohort of youth leaders to galvanize positive social change. Groups have tackled issues such as conservation, equity and energy. SGLI cultivates leadership that embraces creative problem-solving, collaboration, communication and multicultural perspectives.

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  • Senior Capstone

    This course provides a travel Senior Capstone experience, where students undertake service projects embraced by a community. Groups have traveled to Alaska, Bhutan, and New Zealand, learning about those environmental and social landscapes while sharing the culture of Hawai’i.
  • Wo International Center

    The Center offers rich global experiences for both students and educators, including langauge instruction, study abroad and summer programs, lectures, seminars and professional development. Since 1993, the center has housed Punahou’s Global Education program.