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Our School has just completed the second week of our comprehensive distance learning program. This historic effort has relied on the careful coordination of all areas of the School, the dedication and creativity of our teachers, and the incredible partnership of our parents.

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When kids are hurt in schools anywhere, it hurts us all. It robs us of potential futures. It shakes our feeling of closeness, protection and of safety; it rattles the windows of the spaces we build for ourselves, our families and our loved ones, including our dear students.

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We believe that learning, and the opportunity to demonstrate that learning comes to our students in many ways: expected and unexpected, in and outside of the classroom. A group of Punahou faculty and students participated in the 7th International Conference on Education and Social Justice in Honolulu earlier this month. 

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Our faculty and staff are a global community. While many of them were born and raised in Hawai‘i, there are as many who have chosen to make Hawai‘i and our school their home. One of them is Chaplain Dr. George Scott. He is the wonderful Academy Chaplain who hails from the great city of Detroit (where he took a group of students for G-Term last year!) Here he shares some reflections on his time visiting home over the Thanksgiving holiday. He reminds us of our enduring commitment to make education better for all of our children. Because all children are our children.

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Punahou is carefully monitoring the latest developments regarding coronavirus (COVID-19). Please visit our Health page for the latest updates.

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