Junior School

Principal Dr. Paris Priore-Kim ’76, Vice Principals Dr. Todd Chow-Hoy and Dr. Chase Mitsuda ’98, and six Administrative Deans oversee approximately 2,000 students in the Junior School, which includes students in kindergarten through eighth grade.

Administrative Deans have oversight of a grade level and work with families as they transition through the school. Each class of students has one Administrative Dean for the two years of K – grade 1, one Administrative Dean who follows the class from grade 2 to grade 5, and one Administrative Dean through the middle school years of grades 6 – 8.

Principal and Assistant Principals

Dr. Paris Priore-Kim ’76
Junior School Principal 

About Dr. Priore-Kim

Dr. Todd Chow-Hoy
Junior School Assistant Principal

Dr. Chase Mitsuda ’98
Junior School Assistant Principal 

Administrative Deans for the 2018 – 2019 School Year

Elila Levinson
K – 1 Administrative Dean
Classes of 2031 and 2030


Julie Crane-Cory
Grades 2 and 4 Administrative Dean
Classes of 2029 and 2027

John Nagel
Grades 3 and 5 Administrative Dean
Classes of 2028 and 2026

Lori Komori
Grade 6 Administrative Dean
Class of 2025

Jenni Tyau
Grade 7 Administrative Dean
Class of 2024


Andy Aldrich
Grade 8 Administrative Dean
Class of 2023