The president, with the Board of Trustees, has the responsibility for oversight of all aspects of student life and school operations. The president also heads the Administrative Leadership Team.

The Administrative Leadership Team is comprised of the president, the two principals and other instructional leaders responsible for the major curricular divisions of the school, and the chief administrative officers of the school.

While organized into specialized units, the culture of the school favors consensus decision-making and the distribution of responsibility. It is a system that encourages cooperation and a strong sense of community, inclusion and a focus on learning. Administrators also work directly with the Board of Trustees to develop the school's long-range plan.

The kindergarten – grade 12 learning community is led by two principals, heading the Junior School and the Academy.

Administrative Leadership Team

Michael E. Latham ’86

About Dr. Latham

Emily McCarren
Academy Principal 

About Dr. McCarren

Paris Priore-Kim ’76
Junior School Principal 

About Dr. Priore-Kim

James Kakos
Academy Assistant Principal 

Sally Mingarelli
Academy Assistant Principal

Todd Chow-Hoy
Junior School Assistant Principal

Chase Mitsuda ’98
Junior School Assistant Principal 

John Field ’72
Vice President, Treasurer 

Noelehua Lyons ’91 Archambault
Interim Vice President for Advancement

Robert Gelber ’92
Director of Communications

Betsy Hata
Director of Admission and Financial Aid 

Pauline Lo ’71 Bailey
Director of Human Resources

Charlotte Kamikawa
Director of Physical Plant 

Jim LaClair
Chief Information Officer 

Audrey Seki
Executive Assistant to the President, Secretary to ALT 


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