SGLI: India

July 2, 2017

Everyone seemed excited on the bus ride into the city. The reality of what India is actually like hit us as soon as we stepped off the bus, and I loved it. I’ve learned that being in the comfort and safety of a bus lets you see the sights but never really gets you immersed in the country you are in.

Seeing all the people in the city and experiencing city life up-close is my definition of living. During one moment I looked around and was amazed that I was there and felt like this is what I want to do for the rest of my life, a feeling that is rare for me. The experience I had was just so amazing that it is impossible to describe how fortunate I am to have this opportunity and am eternally grateful for it.

Today was amazing, and I can’t wait for more days like this on the trip and later in life.

– Jamie ‘18