SGLI: India

June 28, 2017

Once inside the Oakridge school we went into a large auditorium where we had an opening ceremony. Ms. Saito and other faculty lit a candle that symbolized the start of our journey all together. The Oakridge principal then gave an inspiring speech of connections and diversity that set the overall tone for the rest of the day.

At lunch we continued to learn interesting facts about one another. By this time we had all became more acquainted with one another, and I could already see the friendships starting to form.

We then had a guest speaker come from the Bramhakumaris, a group that has no religious affiliation but discusses peace. After our talk we boarded the bus and headed off to the Global Peace Auditorium where the Bramhakumaris have their campus.

Overall I really had a great time today, and I look forward to all the adventures we will have in the coming days.

– Sydney ‘18