CapSeeds - Arctic

July 14, 2015

The Capstone Arctic group arrived safely in Sitka and began “adjusting to the unique beauty of this place, new camp accommodations and focusing on the community work ahead.” They also toured the Sitka Fine Arts Camp and visited the Alaska Raptor Center, where they brainstormed ideas to help the private non-profit.

“Our group is here to serve and learn,” said Chloe Thoburn ’16. “The employees of the Raptor Center were especially excited about the possibility of Go-Pro camera and drone footage.”

Chloe also commented on the Fine Arts Camp in Sitka: “Rebuilt from a state of complete dilapidation and abandonment, the camp, through thousands of hours of volunteer labor, has become a thriving center for artistic expression. Where better to create a passion for service and volunteerism? There is plenty of motivation to be found and odd jobs to help with here. The Sitka Fine Arts Camp was the largest volunteer project in Alaska ever accomplished!”