CapSeeds - Arctic

July 11, 2015

“Our band of adventurers really enjoyed hiking the Mt. Roberts and the West Glacier trails during our stay in Juneau,” wrote Bill. “We were blown away by the beauty of Southeast Alaska and learned a lot about the rain forest and the glacier during these hikes. Today we wanted to close the circle a bit and contribute our effort and passion for the hiking community by working with the local non-profit Trail Mix, Inc. We spent our Saturday morning doing trail restoration on the Lemon Creek trail that leads up to the ice field that extends all the way into Canada. This trail gets a LOT of water, so our group hauled gravel to fortify the trail surface, cut back canopy for easier access, and re-vegetated the borders of the trails and hillside with moss to help stabilize the area. We had light rainfall the entire time, but everyone worked with the same positive spirit they’ve shown the entire trip. It was hard work, but also a lot of fun!”