CapSeeds - Arctic

June 24, 2015

“The majority of today’s work was spent finishing the preparations for the Nalukataq festival,” wrote Michael Hampton ’16. “We were part of an activity that had us bring three objects that we thought best represented the cultures of our past, present and future. Many of the Punahou students drew connections with the Alaskan students when it came to dealing with athletics, academics, and social relationships. The differences were that of culture and lifestyle; while we spend our summer going to the beach to swim, the Alaskan students go out with hunting crews to kill beluga whales and bearded seals.”

“An experience that I personally enjoyed the most so far on this trip was slicing the whale meat at Whaling Captain Ned Arey’s ice cellar. The work gave a new perspective on subsistence living and the lifestyles of the Inupiat people. Aside from working, the whaling crew members told us stories about their experiences of catching and killing whales.”