Trademarks and Vendors

Punahou School has legally secured exclusive rights for the use of several marks associated with the school. No person or organization may use these marks without the permission of the Punahou School Communications Office. This includes, but is not limited to, use of the marks on printed materials, websites, social media profiles, and apparel or other merchandise.

The Punahou seal and Winged "O" are registered trademarks of the school.


The Hala Tree is also a trademark of the school, as are the terms:

  • Punahou®
  • Buff 'n Blue™
  • Oahu College™
  • Sons of Oahu™
  • Go Puns™

Approval of Use

Individuals (parents, coaches, etc.) who would like to produce apparel or other items using the school's marks must use a vendor from the approved vendor list. All designs must be approved by the Communications Office prior to providing artwork to the vendor.

Design marks should not be deconstructed or distorted; nothing can be added or subtracted from the artwork; artwork cannot be used as a watermark behind text or other graphics. Artwork should be used on clean, neutral colors or on a white background. Only the approved institutional colors of the PANTONE colors listed on this page may be used. Design marks should not be used in combination with each other or other artwork.

Word marks may be used in a variety of fonts and colors, with the approval of the school, provided the words are easily legible and appropriately represent Punahou School. Word marks are best used singly and may not be used in combinations of more than two.

Vendor Approval

Vendors who wish to produce goods using any of the school's trademarks must be approved by the Business Office.


Design Approval:

Communications Office
808.944.3585 Tel

Vendor Approval: 


Kristi Manguchei
808.944.5784 Tel