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Punahou School offers professional development opportunities for educators to engage within a supportive learning community for personal growth and to improve instruction. As an educational leader, Punahou is committed to encourage and support teachers to become reflective practitioners, researchers, scholars and authors, with the expectation that they will contribute meaningfully to a broader understanding of teaching and learning.

The intent is to bridge the worlds of theory and practice, and of research and action, by conducting programs within the context of a vibrant and innovative K – 12 school. Educators work with colleagues and strategic partners including researchers and appropriate experts to advance their own professional practice and benefit their students and their institutions.

Upcoming Events

No events are currently available.

2017 Programs

Brain Symposium

This two-day symposium has featured keynote speakers or experts in the field and workshops on a theme devoted to brain-based education specifically to support classroom teaching and curriculum development. More

The Dalton School – Punahou School Global Language and Culture Institute

The Dalton – Punahou Global Language and Culture Institute featured workshop sessions on topics of interest to teachers of world and classical languages, Kindergarten – grade 12. More

Lab School @ Punahou

This cohort-based program is designed to explore topics around teaching and learning. The emphasis is on teachers collaborating with teachers through facilitated inquiry and dialog. Educators choose among multiple strands of investigation to develop ideas and/or create a product to put into immediate practice. As appropriate, cohorts may implement ideas with and/or observe relevant Punahou Summer School classes. More

Mindset in Mathematics

This two-day workshop featuring Dr. Jo Boaler addresses the role mathematics teachers play in developing a growth mindset with their students and the valuable benefits that accrue. More

Past Programs

Administrative Leadership Institute

Featured Dr. Michael Thompson and Dr. Rob Evans, this enriching program focused on relational and personal leadership for school administrators who are involved in supervision, assessment and communication with parents. More

Community Partnerships Workshop (February)

A collaboration between Punahou School and Catlin Gabel School to support educators looking for innovative ways to connect their classrooms to the community. More

New Perspectives on Teaching Mathematics

Featuring Cathy Fosnot, Professor Emeritus of Education at The City College of New York and Founding Director of Mathematics in the City (MitC), these two-day workshops seek to gain deeper understanding of how K – 5 students can become confident mathematicians. More


Speaker Series

Innovation Series

Initiated in 2012, the Innovation Series supports the exploration of creativity and innovation in our community. Events may include speakers, performances or forums for engagement on a wide range of topics that further teaching and learning.

Onsite Insight

These informal presentations by Punahou faculty, staff, parents or students offer a forum to share ideas and enthusiasm with the campus community.


  • The Neuroscience of Learning

    Posted September 19, 2017

    Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa, author of “Mind, Brain, and Education,” returned to campus this month to carry on the conversations started at last year’s Brain Symposium around Mind Brain Education. Her main goal was to continue to debunk prevalent misperceptions, like the “neuro-myths” mentioned above, and offer instructional approaches that align with the science of how the brain functions.



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