Exploring Gender Studies

Rachel Breitweser ’03

December 5, 2017

In a new social studies course, Academy students have been introduced to the field of gender studies, which includes feminism and women’s studies, the social construction of gender, masculinity studies, LGBTQ studies, and cross-cultural perspectives of masculinity and femininity.

Watch this student-produced video to learn more.

“We’re learning about how masculinity and femininity were shaped through history and how they’ve changed over time,” shared one student. A classmate commented, “As an athlete you get stereotyped as a ‘manly’ person, and I wanted to learn how people view gender and what their thoughts are on it.”

In class, students learn about what the lenses of gender are and how different aspects of the world change when viewed through them. Students have engaged in research, public speaking, writing and inquiry on the topic.

“Along with empathy, I hope students gain a greater understanding of people and that they gather that we’re more similar than different,” said the course’s creator, Ka‘eo Vasconcellos ’96, who previously co-taught a course called “What Maketh a Man” during G-Term.


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