The Many People Behind Punahou Carnival

Nina ’18, Adeline ’18 and Kyler ’18

January 20, 2017

Punahou Carnival is a place where people from all over the island can come together and have a great time, whether it's riding on rides or eating the famous Portuguese Bean Soup. The main purpose of this event is to raise money for student financial aid.


The 2017 Punahou Carnival: Back to the ’50s is almost upon us, which means the backstage work will soon payoff. The Punahou Carnival is a community effort starting with the Junior Class.

Carnival is an opportunity for juniors to step out of their comfort zone and a chance to get to know some of their classmates that they may only see in the hallways. Each junior has their special task to help to make sure that Carnival runs smoothly and is a success.

Students spend hours upon hours volunteering time outside of school to make sure the Carnival experience is at its fullest potential. Juniors volunteer as division heads, booth chairs or sign up for Carnival shifts. They have many duties, including painting signs of their booth’s names, making chicken plates, running the Punahou games and everything in between.

The Junior Class communicates and works together to make sure the Carnival is a big bang! In doing this, the class connects and bonds in such a special way. At midnight on the second day of Carnival, the Junior Class unites and takes a victory lap around Carnival, cheering each other for their efforts. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and is something special and meaningful to all of the juniors each year.

Although the students are the main contenders for putting the Carnival together, a lot of the students' parents volunteer time as well.

Just one example is the Craft Fair. In early December, the PFA holds a baked goods drive for the Craft Fair that is put on every year. Teams of both students and parents worked since last summer to prepare for the event.

Every year the Craft Fair sells a wide variety of goods, from jewelry to handmade treats to toys or simple holiday gifts. Not only that, but it gives the crowd an introduction to the year's world-class Jams and Jellies. All proceeds from the fair go to support the Schools financial aid program.

Thank you to all the dedicated, hard-working volunteers who make the Punahou Carnival possible!


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