E.K. Fernandez Introduces Fun Pass for Carnival 2017

Amerlie ’18

January 10, 2017

This year at Punahou Carnival, Back to The ’50s, there’s a hot new item: Fun Passes! The E.K. Fernandez Fun Pass is a card you can buy and fill with credits to use on E.K. Fernandez attractions.

Introduction to Fun Passes

Fun Passes replace the use of tickets for rides and scrip for E.K. Fernandez games and E.K. Fernandez food. Fun Passes can only be used at E.K. Fernandez food trucks and E.K. Fernandez games. Punahou food booths, games – for example, Kiddieland – and other activities will still take Punahou Carnival scrip.

Credits on the Fun Pass are refillable and reusable; when Carnival is over for the year and you still have credits, you can use them next year or at another E.K. Fernandez event.

The minimum purchase price of a Fun Pass is $20. However, a Fun Pass may be reloaded for any dollar amount. There are three ways to buy or reload a Fun Pass at Carnival:

  • Red Kiosks: Cash, credit cards or debit cards can be used to purchase a Fun Pass for $20 or more. You can also reload Fun Passes here. The kiosk dispenses change. Kiosks will be located next to the Scooter ride and in the games tent.
  • Fun Pass Trailers: Purchase a preloaded Fun Pass card for $20 of Punahou Carnival scrip. Trailers will be located near the Punahou Street entrance, in front of the game tent and near the Area 51 ride.
  • Fun Pass CTS Units: Purchase a Fun Pass for $20 or reload one. Any dollar amount will be accepted, but the unit will not dispense change. CTS units will be located in Fun Pass Trailers and in the games tent.

Buying and reloading a Fun Pass

To use your Fun Pass for rides, scan your card at the designated ride’s card reader and wait for the light on the card reader to turn green. If the light turns red instead of green, your card has insufficient funds, and you need to refill it. The card reader removes credits every time you use the Fun Pass for E.K. Fernandez rides, games and food. You can also share your Fun Pass with another person. If your friend forgets his or her card, simply swipe your card once for you, wait for the light to turn green and swipe again.

If you aren't sure about how many credits you have left on your Fun Pass, there are card readers you can use to check your balance scattered around Carnival grounds.

Dollar value for credits is 10 cents per credit. For example:

$20 initial purchase = 200 Credits
$5 reload = 50 Credits added
$30 reload = 300 Credits added

The Fun Pass should be treated like cash. The card reader cannot read damaged or altered Fun Passes. If you have trouble with your Fun Pass, visit the E.K. Fernandez customer service booth between the game tent and the Magic Maze.

Now that you know about the Fun Pass system, have lots of fun at Punahou Carnival!


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