Juniors Rewind Time for Carnival 2016

Kai Faurot ’17

January 8, 2016

The annual event that has grown to become a state affair takes an entire junior class and a small army of volunteers to put on. This year, Punahou's Class of 2017 comes together to create the highly anticipated Punahou Carnival.

This year's yellow rayon Carnival fabric was designed by the Carnival Coordination Committee.

It is an exciting tradition that students look forward to. Countless hours of meetings, volunteering, sign painting and much more is done in order to prepare for the event.

Before any of that can take place, the juniors must choose a theme that the entire Carnival will be focused on. In assembly, the grade votes on ideas for the theme. This year's Punahou Carnival is “Rewind the Time: The Punahou Journey,” which honors the journey of the School, starting from the very beginning.

“The theme celebrates all the special memories from being a student at Punahou and the big moments in Punahou’s past,” said student co-chairs Calais Nobuhara ’17 and Branden Morioka ’17.

At the Carnival Kickoff Meeting, the two co-chairs, along with the division heads, put together and performed a great skit for student and parent workers. Calais and Branden entered a time machine and rewound the time to different Carnivals. Each one had a different theme, including Hawaiian Style and Wild West.

But there would be no Carnival spirit without Carnival material! Fabric is created every year based on the chosen theme. This year's print, created by the Carnival Coordinating Committee, is a collage of snapshots representing Punahou.

Well-known campus sights like the Lily Pond, Cooke Hall and Pauahi Hall are drawn with detail. These scenes are places students have class or visit every day. There are two hula dancers who represent the beloved May Day and Holoku pageant. The Flaming “P” is illustrated too. Both are wonderful traditions of the School.

Also depicted on the fabric is a football helmet as well as cheerleaders dressed in vintage uniforms representing the School's history with athletics, and everyone has a great Punahou football game memory. Classic Carnival rides like the Ferris Wheel and Swings show the highly awaited Punahou Carnival event, a tradition that started in 1932. School emblems and a night-blooming cereus – the flower grown on Punahou’s outer rock walls – tie the entire design together. These are images Punahou is known for.

This year’s Carnival goes back in time to commemorate the highlights of the history of the School. Punahou’s 175th anniversary marks, not only a milestone, but also years of wonderful recollections of students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Juniors are giving a glimpse into the School’s past through the Carnival Instagram and Carnival Facebook page. Weekly “Throwback Thursday” (#TBT) posts of pictures from previous Carnivals take viewers back in time and may bring memories to mind.

This year honors the journey of Punahou from past to present. Looking back, there is much to reminisce about, from cheering on fellow classmates at sporting events and attending Flaming “P” to dancing in the Holoku pageant and, of course, enjoying Punahou Carnival.

The Carnival this year is Feb. 5 and 6 from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Come by and enjoy food, fun and games as the Junior Class shares the Punahou journey with you.

Follow the Carnival Instagram and Facebook page for more updates.


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