Carnival Arts and Crafts Booth Invites Donations of Baked Goods

Ethan Murakami ’17

November 30, 2015

Most know Carnival to be the time where the junior class collaborates to put together booths and get ready for the two big days in the beginning of February. While many may believe that prep starts with making the numerous jars of mango chutney, lilikoi butter and red pepper jelly, there's a lot more to Carnival planning than meets the eye.


At the same time as Jams and Jellies, the Arts and Crafts booth meets every Saturday but with a different purpose. Unlike most booths that are open during the first Friday and Saturday of February, Arts and Crafts doesn't actually have a booth at Carnival. Instead, volunteers sell their goods at the December craft fair. Like other Carnival booths, the money made goes to financial aid.

While the volunteers of Arts and Crafts have made a variety of goods, such as gift tags, chalkboards and jewelry, many aunties helped as well. With their help, 90 pillows were made, as well as other sewn goods. Brothers, sisters, daughters, sons and friends have also come to each of the four-hour work sessions to lend a hand.

Now, the Arts and Crafts booth is asking for your help. The booth invites donations of baked goods to use in the 150 goodie baskets they plan to make. Please drop off donations at the PFA office in Sullivan Administration Building on Dec. 3. Also, stop by and see all of the volunteers’ hard work at the craft fair, Dec. 4 at the PFA Office from 7:30 a.m. and at Dole Cafeteria from 3 – 6 p.m.


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