Teacher Cohorts Examine Technology in the Classroom

Punahou Communications Staff

August 11, 2014

“Summer is an opportunity to improve my practice as a teacher,” explained Kai Davis ’67 Nelson, a Junior School English teacher who participated in the Lab School @ Punahou workshop from June 23 – 26, 2014. The program focuses on how to integrate technology with teaching and learning, and assembled nearly 70 educators from Punahou and the broader public on campus for a four-day workshop.

The venture provided “an opportunity for teachers to get together and focus on a theme, to learn from each other and develop something they can use and take back to their classrooms or institutions,” said Tedd Landgraf, a curricular technology faculty and one of the event’s primary organizers.

The participants were divided into small cohorts of 7 – 13 educators by topic of interest, which included coding and supporting technology in the classroom. Teachers then spent four full workdays discussing the topic and sharing their insights and expertise. “The hope is that the cohorts continue to stay in touch and use each other as a resource,” Landgraf commented.

“Conversations among colleagues are so important and enriching,” reflected José Gigante, a Spanish language faculty who assisted as event facilitator at the Lab School workshop. “We came out with more ideas to implement in the classroom,” he continued. “You learn a lot by being exposed to the conversations that happen here and the knowledge that is brought on by colleagues from here and abroad. I can’t imagine not being a part of it.”

As Ruth Fletcher, dean of Professional Programs at Punahou explains, these workshops "provide faculty with additional tools and insight to remain on the cutting edge of education, while also fulfilling the School's commitment to serving the broader community by extending access to these resources to the public."


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