Parents are central to Punahou’s culture of philanthropy and participating in the Ku‘u Punahou campaign is a meaningful way to join other parents in expressing their support for the School and its educational vision.

Any gift you make will be counted as part of your Parent Participation Challenge group(s), as well as an individual gift. Individual gift participation is included in the annual report of gifts.

Parent Participation Challenge

Please join your fellow Punahou parents in the participation challenge with a gift of any amount. For the challenge, there are four groups of grade levels (see chart below).

The challenge includes any gift given during the current school year (July 1 – June 30). If a parent has more than one child, their gift will be counted for each child's grade.

2019 – 2020 School Year

Parent Advancement Council

Guided by the Development Team, the Parent Advancement Council (PAC) consists of parent volunteers with children in various grade levels. The council focuses on giving participation at any level, and serves as a resource to Punahou in developing programs related to parents that support the priorities of Punahou.

Kyle and Denise Kimura ’88 Kamakura
(Grades 10 and 12)

Greg ’80 and Shirley Yim
Trustee advisors

Name Grade Level
Karen Lau-Baptist ’81 11
Rex ’87 and Sandin Chang 3
Gary Dela Cruz Dela 4, 6
Julianne Erickson 6, 8, 10, 12
Reid ’87 Imai 3, 6
Kyle and Denise ’88 Kamakura 10, 12
Keith and Daisy Komeiji 7
Chad ’89 and Mari ’90 Konishi 6
Garson and Neysa Lee 4, 6, 11
Ron Lum, Jr. ’96 and Aimee ’96 Lum 5, 8
Jen Lyons ’82 8, 9
Marc Matsubara ’81 12
Aryn and Darcie Nakaoka 2, 4
Vance Roley and Emily Fay 4
Garrett ’92 and Christine Lau ’95 Suehiro 7, 9
Rich and Wilson 5, 7
Keith and Steffany ’95 Wong 2, 6
Colin and Moana Yost 9, 12
Carlton ’92 and Cindy Yuen 1, 4, 10
Greg ’80 and Shirley Yim (Trustee Advisors  

Parent Leadership Giving Council

The Parent Leadership Giving Council (PLGC) is a committee of current Punahou parents who advise and assist the School in its fundraising efforts from like-minded parents for substantial gifts and pledges. For more information on parent leadership giving, please contact Holly Paulson ’87 Sereni, Acting Director of Development, at 808.943.3626 or

Name Grade Level
Chris Eldridge ’87 7, 10
Julianne Erickson 6, 8, 10, 12
Candes Meijide Gentry ’95 1
Abby Harada ’92 4, 4
Butch ’90 2, 3
Lia Sheehan ’88 11
Scott and Vonceil Yara 5, 7, 10
PunsUnited Fund

Kirsten Spilker
Director of Leadership Annual Giving

Leah Freitas

Leah Freitas
Annual Giving Officer

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